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Beetroot Pancakes

September 23, 2010

This is another unusual recipe from the redoubtable Mrs Raffald and is an example of the way fruit and vegetables were used more imaginatively than today. There are numerous Georgian recipes that involve parsnips,  potatoes, beetroot and other sweet root vegetables mashed and combined with flavourings which partner their natural sweetness. Yet again it’s an easy recipe today as kitchen gadgets do most of the work. However, you do need a heavy based pan or old fashioned griddle (girdle) which will hold the heat without burning, and you cannot take your eyes off the pancakes while they are cooking as they will burn in a trice.6oz finely mashed plain cooked and peeled beetroot. ( I find a fork is the best, better than a blender which reduces them to mush far too easily).

Into that mix all the other ingredients:

2 x 15 ml spoonsful of brandy (old tablespoons are this size)

as much grated nutmeg as you wish, up to a teaspoonful

a sprinkle of caster sugar – approx 2 teaspoons

3 x 15 ml spooonsful of thick double cream

4 medium egg yolks (use the whites to make the chocolate puffs)

and fold in lightly 2 x 15 ml spoons of plain flour

This will produce a dropping batter. Heat the cooking pan and melt a little unsalted butter or neutral oil to prevent them sticking, but don’t let this brown or smoke as this will affect the pancakes. If the pan will retain the heat well, turn down the heat source. Drop small spoonsful of batter into the pan and as soon as one side has set turn them over. They only need about three minutes and cook very quickly. They should still look pink more than brown when cooked.

They were originally intended as a ‘side’ dish – one of the small and fussy dishes that made up the complicated pattern of dishes on a Georgian dining table. They can be eaten hot or cold and look good garnished with other colourful crudities and parsley. They  can accompany a full roast as originally intended, or a light salad or dips.

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