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Pigges Rolles

April 10, 2010

In essence these are an early type of sausage roll. The main difference is that these are easily made now, whereas in the Middle Ages there would have been hours of work in preparing and grinding down the  ground pork in a mortar.

This is the recipe: To pork well ground add salt, currants, ginger, powdre fort, pepper and egg to hold it togedre. Wrap in fine pastry and coat with egg white  And fry or bake though they can be boiled.

 The spices as well as the meat would  have been pounded. Apothecaries as well as spice merchants sold two main spice combinations ready prepared – powdre douce and powdre fort (mentioned above). Powdre douce means sweet spice, not unlike the mixed cake spice mixture available today and including fennel, aniseed and sugar.  Strong spice, or powdre fort included a variety of early peppers – cubebs, grains of paradise and peppercorns, ground together with cloves, mace, cinnamon and ginger. It has quite a kick! From experience, baking or frying seems to work best with these rolls, and it’s worth trying the filling in something like filo pastry. This dish is an example of food which would have been costly and time consuming to prepare and which was consequently an indicator of high status

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